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How to Hire a Personal Trainer to fit Your Needs as a Plus Sized Woman

How to Hire a Personal Trainer to fit Your Needs as a Plus Sized Woman

When you start your journey to living an active lifestyle, it can be super over-whelming. You may not know how to work out, even, or what to eat exactly. You may over do it and not do enough. It can be super hard to transition to a completely new way of life. Maybe you have thought of hiring a personal trainer but worry about getting one that won’t understand your needs and if you are completely honest with yourself, you may even be intimidated by the thought of hiring someone. These are all completely normal concerns to have, so here are some tips on how to hire a personal trainer to fit your needs as a plus sized woman.


Make sure you meet with your trainer to interview them before agreeing to hire them. Many gyms offer personal trainers that are on staff, but this may not be the one you need. Meet the trainer before agreeing to pay them anything so you can see if your personalities match and if they are what you are expecting. Also, if you have a gym membership, ask if non-staff trainers are allowed to come in with you as many gyms do not allow this.


Find a trainer that has specifically worked with people of your size and actually enjoys it. She may be the best of the best when it comes to getting people in shape, but just like doctors and therapists, not all trainers work well with people who are plus sized. Some actually specialize in it, though, so find out her passions and if it aligns with yours when it comes to working with people of size. A trainer that knows their stuff will know that there are certain physical and emotional barriers that plus sized people often have that keep them from being able to work out or do certain things and will be sensitive to that.


Check credentials, but don’t use this as your only criteria. Credentials are great, however, they are only an indication of training and not professionalism. Don’t feel like because a trainer has great credentials and has attended the best schools or conferences, they are the best for you.


Let them know about your expectations and find out what theirs are up front. Communicate what your needs and goals are right away. Don’t expect your trainer to read your mind. If your goals are NOT to lose weight, but simply get into better shape and you tell them that, they will design a program that more fits your needs.


Ask for recommendations from other plus sized women. The best way to find a trainer that works well with women who are plus sized is to ask around. Do you have friends that workout and have a trainer they love? Ask them for recommendations.


Know that one trainer may be very different from another and they are not all the same. Personal trainers started doing it for various reason from wanting to genuinely help other to simply loving being at the gym and wanting to make a career out of it. Neither are wrong, however, make sure that you interview several trainers before settling on one. Additionally, start with short term contracts so you can switch to another trainer if the one you first chose is not working out.


Ask to see past results. A good way to know if the trainer can help you is to see picture results of past and current clients. Many times, trainers have this or testimonials or even clients that are willing to offer references for them. This is a good way to get a feel for if this trainer is effective for your own personal goals.

Remember that what you need and what you want may be two different things. While it is great and ideal to have a trainer that you get along with, understand that there will be times as you go through your journey that you may have thought you picked the wrong person. Be willing to do the work, even if it’s over the top hard, and be patient with yourself. The best trainers are able to get us to do the best of our ability and break down barriers that we have put up. You will never know they joy of getting over the hump if you aren’t willing to push yourself.


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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