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5 Booty Building Moves

If you look at pretty much any fitness website, you will see that building a booty is talked about a lot. Your butt, or Gluteus Maximus, as it is scientifically called, is the largest muscle in your body. Aside from wanting a butt that is different than what you are working with right now, there are many great reasons to work out this area. First, your booty muscles can make your pelvic area stronger leading to less hip and lower back pain as well as knee pain. Have a more toned booty can also lead to better performance if you are a runner like me. If you are ready to get your butt in gear, here are my 5 favorite booty building moves.


Pop Squat- I really enjoy doing this move because it is not only great for building a booty, but it’s also an incredible cardio workout, too. To do a pop squat, you start in a squat position and then ‘pop’ up to a jump. If you need to go lower with your squat in order to get a good jump, do whatever feels comfortable as long as you hold the correct squat position. A good squat position means not leaning forward with your back, but rather sticking your booty out and holding your chest up.


Deep Squat- the deep squat is basically a mixture between the yoga position named the Garland Pose and a regular squat. Instead of making it about hip opening, use it t build that booty. Simply do a regular squat and go deep to the ground as far as you can and go back up. This can be hard on knees so if that’s a trouble area of you, don't push it too hard.


Side Leg Raises-  These are simple to do and may help your core as well because they require some balance. Simply stand straight up, do not lock your knees and using your glutes (not your hips), lift a leg up. Take turns doing it with both legs. Side leg raises can be done with modifications such as using a yoga strap to get the leg higher or a wall to lean against.


Backward Kicks-  Backward kicks, or as some call them, donkey kicks, as a good way to work your booty, too. These are similar to side leg raises except you are putting a leg behind you instead of on the side of you. Switch off legs and make sure it is not your hip joints doing all the work, but rather your gluteus maximus muscle.



Deep Lunges-  A lunge is a classic glutes and core workout, but a deep lunge can make it more challenging. To do a lunge with good form, hold your chest and shoulders up and back and keep your chin up. Resist the urge to look down. Bend both knees with your legs separated at about a 90 degree angle. To do a deep lunge, bring your leg that is behind you lower by lowering your knee and moving your foot back. Make sure to switch legs and do both.


As with any of these exercises, make sure you are engaging your core so you strengthen it and don't use your joints to do the work, but rather your muscles. It will take some time to train your body to do it.


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