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7 Fall Outdoor Workout Ideas

7 Fall Outdoor Workout Ideas

As summer starts to come to an end, you may be thinking it might be time to switch up your workout routine. This can be a good thing! Just because the daytime seems to be getting shorter and the days are getting cooler doesn’t mean it's time to head inside. In fact, working out in the fall can be a blessing because you aren’t having to fight the heat! Here are 7 fall workout ideas to keep your body moving and keep you excited!


1. Go on a hike with a friend- Sure, you have done some hiking this summer, most likely, but have you ever done a fall hike? They can be incredibly beautiful because the trees are changing and there are some later blooming flowers and mushrooms to see along the way. Plus, the trails are less crowded!

2. Sign  up for an end of the season 5K- The running fun doesn’t end just because summer is over! In fact, many communities have fun runs in the fall because they are good for families and they know everyone will be back from vacations and summer fun. Check in your area and see what is available.

3. Go play in the park- As fall hits, kids are back in school and that means that often, playgrounds in parks will be open and available. Playgrounds are amazing for doing lifts, crunches, lunges and for using for strength training.

4. Do some trail running- Similar to hiking, trail running is essentially cross country running in places that are not necessarily flat or made for running. It can be a great way to switch things up if you are used to running on sidewalks. In the fall, the trails have less people, so running on them is a great option. Just make sure to wear good shoes and be aware of your surroundings so you can be safe.

5. Do yard work- It can often feel like it’s just a chore, but fall yard work is a great way to get workout time in. Raking is an amazing upper body workout, actually! If you don’t have a yard of your own, offer to do it for friends neighbors or even on craigslist for a bit of side cash!

6. Disc Golf- Have you ever played disc golf? In the town I am from in Montana, we call it ‘folf” (a combo between the words frisbee and golf). Disc Golf can be a great fall workout because it gets you outdoors and you are going up and down hills and throwing the disk. In the fall, the air is crisper, so you won’t be likely to get too hot, either.

7. Fruit picking- Again, this one seems more like a recreational thing, but when you think about it, you are doing quite a bit of exercise climbing ladders, hauling full buckets and reaching, bending and twisting. Instead of working out in a classic way one day, why not find your nearest orchard and go fruit picking? In the fall, you can often find apples, pears and peaches ripe for the picking!

No matter what you decide to do to change things up this fall, make sure you wear layers. Layering is especially important in the fall because weather can change and it’s always great to be prepared.


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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