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7 Ways to Drink More Water

7 Ways to Drink More Water


You probably already know that your body is 75% water. It’s something we learn in elementary science. However, did you know that dehydration is so easy to get and it has some significant effects on our body from our skin to our general health? If you are doing anything active, it is especially important, too. Making sure you drink enough water is sometimes hard to do especially if you are not a fan of water’s bland taste. Here are some ways to drink more water so you can feel your best!


7 Ways to Drink More Water


Flavor It- You can add a little bit of flavor to water with fruits and veggies and it will taste a bit better and be more refreshing. Don’t limit yourself to lemons! Try oranges, cucumbers, strawberries and even herbs like mint!


Set Reminders- Use your phone to help you remember to drink up. There are apps that help you remember to drink more water or you can simply set a few reminders on your phone to go off throughout the day and drink when they do.


Do a Challenge With Friends- Have you ever seen the #drinkup, #stopdropdrink or #drinkwater challenges on Instagram? Think of your own hashtag to use with your friends and tag them challenging them to drink water throughout the day. They in turn challenge someone else.


Drink More Water Based Beverages- Beverages like tea (unsweetened) are perfect for making sure you get more water in your system without skipping out on flavor. Try to drink more herbal based, though, since caffeine tends to dehydrate more.


Carry a Water Bottle With You Everywhere- Make drinking water easy by investing in several cool water bottles to carry around with you wherever you go during your day. Stick with glass or aluminum to avoid the funky musty smell some water bottles tend to get. Also, they are better if you like to infuse flavors.


Drink a Glass of Water Every Morning as Soon as You Get Up- Make it a part of your day to drink water at certain time such as first thing in the morning before you do anything else or on your way home from work. Create a habit and stick with it and it will become part of your daily routine.


Opt for Sparkling Water if You Hate Still Water- If still water just doesn’t do it for you and you can’t force yourself to drink more of it, try drinking sparkling water and adding a splash of 100% fruit juice. It will give you something sweet and fizzy to enjoy while making sure you get your daily fluid intake.


Written by Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

Read more from Christine here.

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