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Back and Shoulder Fitness Moves

Our backs and shoulders do so much work for our bodies and they are also one of the muscle groups many people experience a lot of pain in as well. Sometimes this pain can be caused by injury, and often times, it’s repetitive use. Whatever the case, doing some back and shoulder exercises can help strengthen these muscles and in the long run help you be less prone to injury and fatigue in this area. Here are 5 workouts you can do outside the gym with a simple set of dumbbells and resistance bands.


Shoulder Raises

Using dumbbells in a weight that is comfortable (You don’t want to use one that is too heavy at first. You should find it mildly challenging, but not overly hard), hold your arms out with your elbows slightly bent. Drop your arms down, not completely at your sides and raise them up to shoulder height again. Do 15 reps of this with 3 sets.

Dumbbell Push Ups

I call these pushups but they really aren’t. They are in the same position, and are actually quite challenging just the same. Start with some dumbbells on a yoga mat on the floor or ground. Make sure they are a good weight for you and also that they are able to lay flat on one side for stability. Get into a knee push up position and place your hands around the dumbbell. One at a time, raise each dumbbell straight up and out. Do 15 reps of each side and 3 sets.

Dumbbell Flys

This can be done with resistance bands or dumbbells, but I prefer dumbbells. Start with your body bent at the hips about halfway down and a straight back (try not to arch it) with a dumbbell in each hand. Keeping your back bent, lift your arms up and straight across. Do 15 reps and 3 sets of this.

Seated Flys

Using a resistance band for this one, sit on a yoga mat on a flat surface. Place the resistance band under your feet evenly. Lean slightly back and using the handle of the band in each hand, pull apart as you lean back a little more. Use your back and core to come to hold yourself steady. Come back to center and do this again. Do 15 reps with 3 sets.

Standing Shoulder Press

Of the five back and shoulder fitness moves I have listed, this one is my favorite. It offers a good stretch in addition to a good workout. Stand on one end of your resistance band to offer the kind of resistance you want. The more band you leave on the side you are raising, the less resistance. Holding the handle of one side of the resistance band, bring it up your back and take it in both hands. Start with it at the back of your neck, at the base of your skull and raise both arms up. Do 15 reps of this with 3 sets.


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