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Brunch Buddha Bowl


I got into eating Buddha bowls a few months back when I figured out they were a great way to use up leftovers and enjoy a quick, easy meal. If you are unfamiliar with Buddha bowls, they are a way to prepare a meal and get in all the nutrients in one simple bowl and rarely require a lot of cooking, other than maybe some pre-cooking of ingredients so you can easily assemble throughout the week. I came up with this brunch Buddha bowl recipe when I was running late on eating one morning and it was a hit with my husband, as well.


With its bright colors and delicious textures, this Brunch Buddha Bowl is one delicious way to start your day.


How to Make a Buddha Bowl


Before I get into how to make this, let me quickly tell you the formula for making Buddha Bowls so you can make your own recipes later. Buddha bowls are typically vegan or vegetarian, although I see many of them with meat, too. They contain 5 basic ingredients:


Grain- such as rice, barley, lentils or quinoa.


Green- such as salad greens, edamame, spinach or chard


Protein- such as tofu, beans, or egg


Sauce or healthy fat- Such as tahini, avocado or hummus


Extras- For crunch or flavor or just fun such as extra veggies, seeds or nuts


Using this basic formula, you can create countless Buddha bowls! Now, you can make my Brunch Buddha Bowl.


Brunch Buddha Bowl




1 cup of Red Quinoa, cooked


½ Cup Shredded Carrots


1 Poached Egg


½ Medium Avocado


1 Handful of Spring Mix Greens


Salt and Pepper to taste


How to Make a Brunch Buddha Bowl


Start with your cooked red quinoa. I cook up a batch to eat throughout the week. In case you were wondering, the trick to perfect quinoa, in my opinion, is cooking it in an Instant Pot for 7 minutes with a ratio of 1 cup water per one cup quinoa.


Poach an egg for approximately 4 minutes to get the perfect over medium egg.


In your bowl, start to assemble it with the quinoa, then add in the carrots and greens. Slice your avocado and place it on top of the quinoa. Top with your egg and season with salt and pepper. I also sometimes like to spice things up with a bit of Sriracha.


When you eat your bowl, enjoy each fun flavor and texture alone or together. The idea is to really savor the different foods.


Read more by Christine here. 

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