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Fitness Mistakes You May Be Making

Fitness Mistakes You May Be Making


Unless you are a personal trainer or have a degree in fitness or athletics, learning how to properly exercise or play sports can really come with a learning curve. It seems easy enough; if you want to run, you just go out and do it. If you want to play tennis, you get a racket and hit the ball. The problem with making fitness mistakes is not so much in how a game is played, as that can be whatever works for you if you are having fun and just playing for leisure. Instead fitness mistakes can lead to injuries or even health issues if you aren’t sure what you're doing. To help you avoid fitness mistakes, I have compiled a list of common fitness mistakes you may be making and how to correct them.


Fitness Mistakes You Make be Making


NOT breathing correctly- Do you ever catch yourself not breathing when you are in a strenuous or intense workout? I sometimes catch myself doing this when I run. Breathing is obviously an important thing to do and especially for those that want to gain stamina. No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, try to train yourself to exhale when you exert. This is not what we want to naturally do, so it makes some conscious training to start doing it automatically.


NOT wearing the correct footwear- Did you know that there are actual uses for different styles of sneakers? It’s true! Make sure you are wearing the proper footwear for the sport you want to participate in. To get the best fit, try going to a specialty shop to get measured and fitted so you can find the perfect shoe for running, walking or climbing. Wearing proper shoe type is necessary because if you don't you could get injured or cause unnecessary foot pain.


Doing too much at first- More is not better in the case. Lifting heavier or doing more reps won’t make you get more gains until you have trained your muscles first. Doing more cardio time won’t give you more stamina. It is better to combine strength training with cardio to get the best results and to build up to it. You aren’t going too slow!


Not knowing how to use the equipment in a gym- Gym equipment can be mysterious if you are a beginner. Even a treadmill or elliptical can be hard to figure out with all the buttons. Don’t ever guess how to use something in the gym. You could get hurt or break the equipment or waste your time doing something ineffective. Instead, follow diagrams on the sides of machines or ask the staff at your gym to help you. That’s what they are there for.


Having poor posture or form while lifting or running- Having poor posture not only compromises how good your workout is, but it can injure your back or legs and cause lots of pain. To avoid this, try standing with your chin up and avoid leaning on the treadmill or other equipment. One common mistake many people make is not engaging their abs. Using your back, neck and arms to do the work your abs should be doing will lead to strain on these areas of the body and not strengthen the spot you want.


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