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How to Create the Ultimate Workout Playlist

How to Create the Ultimate Workout Playlist

I don’t know about you, but I need music to get through my workout. My gym has TVs but usually, I can’t hear them and since I am not very good at reading lips, they are pretty much null and void. Music has amazing effects on us depending on what kind we are listening to and how certain styles of music get us going. Do you want to create the ultimate workout playlist? Here is how to do it with any genre of music to fit your own needs.

Warm up songs- These are songs that are moderately fast paced to get you going so you can get into workout mode. Ideally, these should be songs that are paced the same throughout most of the song so you can find a pace you are comfortable with and hold it. Add 2 of these songs for a good warmup.

Feel-good, pumped up songs- These are the songs you should listen to when you are about to go into beast mode. Ideally, these songs should be a little faster paced than your warm-up songs and should be the kinds of songs that get you pumped-up. Place 1 or 2 of these songs into your playlist next.

Fast songs with intervals- Interval training is a great way to get a good cardio burn and not find yourself too fatigued to carry on. Pick songs with fast parts where you will go harder in your workout and slower parts where you will slow your pace just a bit to get your heart rate slightly lower before picking back up again. I like to use dance music for this. Since this is where you will spend the largest amount of time in your workout, pick 4-6 songs for this.

Cool down songs- Your cool down is extremely important to get your heart rate back to resting rate. Cool down should be around 5 minutes of your workout at the end and should include 2-3 songs that are moderately paced or even slower paced songs where you can slow down to about half your peak rate of your workout.

If you want to take this a step further, you can actually try to match your BPM (Beats Per Minute- how many beats per minute your heart should be going for fat burn and good cardio) with a song’s pace. Just google how many beats per minute a song is or use an app. There are many apps out there that can actually tell you the BPM of any song you want.

Make sure to make a few playlists like this so you don’t get bored with the same songs over and over. One way I like to find new songs to add to my list is to listen to Pandora stations such as Dance, Electronica, and Club music. If these kinds of songs are just not your thing, listen to other stations, but try to find the songs that will match up with these paces as close as possible. Having a pace set in a song helps you match your steps with it to keep time.

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Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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