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How to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership


It’s that time of year again. If you put your gym membership on hold or simply choose not to have one during the warmer months, the time has come for you to start thinking about re-joining a gym again. I sort of dread having to take many of my favorite fitness activities indoors, but being that I live all the way up north, it’s inevitable and unavoidable. Be that as it may, with this seasonal change in my fitness routine also comes an extra expense. If you are anything like me, you try to stretch your dollars as far as possible and this extends to the gym. Get the most out of your gym membership with these tips.


Take a class- Most gyms offer free classes for group fitness such as Zumba, yoga and even Hiit. Don’t forget about these offerings. You are paying for them regardless of if you use them, so it makes sense to take full advantage of them. These classes often have all the equipment provided for them as well so they cost you nothing extra.

Use any free training available- Every gym I have belonged to had free training from a fitness expert in one way, shape or form. Currently my gym offers free small (5 or less participants) classes focused on certain bodygroups (such as legs, abs or arms). Past gyms I have belonged to offered one free 1-on-1 session a month with a personal trainer.

Go during non-peak times- My husband and I hit our gym at non-peak times for a very specific reason; the gym is our oyster. We can use any of the rooms, machines and equipment without having to wait. This makes our gym time much more effective, efficient and pleasant so we get the most use for our money.

Shop around and find the perfect gym for you- Finding the perfect gym is tedious, but it can really save you money if you do. For instance, a gym with all the bells and whistles sounds amazing, but you should consider how often you will actually use these amenities. If it won't’ be often, you are wasting money. On the other had, your gym may be able to save you money if you need childcare while you are at the gym and they offer it  .

Location is important- One of the biggest reasons people end up wasting money on gyms is by picking a gym with an inconvenient location. If it's not near your work (for after or before work) or home, you are unlikely to go out of your way to use it and every day you don’t use it, it ends up costing you more per day to have a gym membership. Think about it; if you only go 2 times a week, and your membership is $30 a month, you are paying almost $4 a day to go. If you go every day, or most days, it could cost you as little as a dollar a visit .

Take advantage of all the equipment available- It can be hard to get out of your comfort zone with equipment, but doing so allows you to use everything that is offered. If you are unsure how to use something,ask someone at the front desk. You may even find some new favorites this way.

Watch for sales- Gyms often offer extras that are not included in your membership fee such as swag and apparel, supplements and extra fitness challenges. Wait for sales to jump on these. Sometimes the sales are only for 24 hours so making sure you come regularly will help you stay abreast to them. Additionally, inquire if the gym you go to has rewards for referrals and start referring your friends and family.


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