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More Yoga Poses for Plus Size Bodies

More Yoga Poses for Plus Size Bodies

Yoga is one of my absolute favorite things to do when I have time to do so. I love to do it just about anywhere from home to public places like parks. One day, I hope to do it in the cliche place on a beach with waves crashing behind me. I think I could really find my inner chi there.

I did a post not too long ago on beginning yoga poses for plus sized gals and while this list next is not much more advanced, the poses are a bit more challenging as they require you to be somewhat more limber and have a tiny bit of balance.

Here are more plus sized yoga poses that are some of my personal favorites.


Chair Pose-

Bend your knees slightly and then go into a half-squat if it is more comfortable. Hold your arms straight out in front of you.

Move into Chair Pose 2 by lifting your arms straight up and holding in your core (abs). Hold this position for 10 seconds breathing in and out.


I love this for stretching and finding balance. Start by positioning your feet right. Place your right (or left) foot in front of you with your toes pointed forward. Bend your knee at a 90 degree angle. Place your other leg with your toes pointing out. Slightly bend into this and hold your arms up at shoulder level.

Move into a more challenging warrior pose if you want by straightening your leg that was pointed forward and bending at the waist. Place your arms straight out to a point and bring your other leg straight back to align with it as much as possible. You should be as straight across as you can. This one can take some practice as it requires some balance.

Pigeon Pose-

This one can be a bit of a challenge for those that are not very flexible but I find it incredible for your back and hips. Start in table pose (on all fours with knees on the floor). Bring your leg forward and bend your left ankle at your right hand. It's OK if you can quite get it that far, but get as far as you can without hurting yourself.

Slide your other leg straight back and sit up tall with your hands on your ankle if you can or wherever is comfortable. The idea is to go down to the ground as far as you can. As you can see, I can’t quite get down all the way yet. You can use a pillow for support here if you need to.

Sit this way for 10-15 seconds, breathing slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Switch sides.

Dolphin pose-

Dolphin pose is basically a modified downward dog. If you can do a plank, it is easiest to get into this position that way. Place your feet as flat on the ground/floor as possible with your feet facing forward. It’s OK if you can’t get them super flat. Rest your elbows and forearm on the ground flat and allow the top of your head to rest between your arms. Breath in and out for 10-15 seconds.


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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