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No-Gym-Needed Morning Workout Routine


Ideally, I like to get my workout in as soon as possible in the morning. This leaves me with more time to get everything else that I need to get done during the day. Plus, it's a great way to get energized and ready to go. This quick no-gym needed morning workout routine only takes about 10-15 minutes. To start, I'm giving you a lower number of reps to do, but if you want to up the intensity or continue this I suggest adding more reps or weights to make it more challenging as your stamina builds. Most of these workouts can be done by just about anyone and are very basic. I did mine outdoors, but if weather isn't permitting you can certainly do these inside. Here's my simple no-gym needed morning workout routine.


Squats - Do 20  

Squats build core, back, and leg strength. They can also build your booty. Stand with your hands out straight, chest out and head up. Next, imagine a chair and “sit” on it using your core muscles to hold yourself in place. Make sure that your buttocks are pointing out. Now, stand up straight and go back down again. To make this more challenging, add holding some barbell weights.


Calf Lifts -  Do 20  


Calf lifts are easy and great for building leg strength. For balance, place your hands on your hips. Next, almost stand on your tiptoes. You want to be on the pads of your feet. Hold this position for 5 seconds and come back down again. Each time you go up and then down is one rep.   To make this more challenging, add some barbell weights.


Jumping Jacks - Do for 30 seconds


Jumping jacks are good for cardiovascular stamina building. Count in your head for 30 seconds for this exercise. Stand with feet together and then jump.  While jumping, raise arms and separate your legs. Some people even like to clap their hands when they go to the top of their head like I do in this picture.  To make this more challenging do it for a longer period.


High Knee March - Do for 30 seconds


High Knee Marches are also great for cardiovascular stamina building. They can also help build buttocks, core and legs.   Start by standing with your legs together. Then, bring each knee up as high as it'll go in a marching pattern while standing in one place. Do this for 30 seconds for a rep.  Make this more challenging by doing it for a longer period or doing it faster.


Wall Presses - Do 20


Wall presses can build arms and core strength.  Wall presses are almost like push-ups. To do a wall press, simply angle your body and place your hands on the wall shoulder width or slightly larger-spaced apart. Using your shoulders and arm strength, do a push-up in the same way that you would do 1 on the floor only this time against the wall. Do not use your legs to push up or back. To make this more challenging move your feet further away from the wall.


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