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Reasons You Need a Fitness Bucket List


People create bucket lists for everything. I see them for everything from seasons to vacation planning and even relationships. If you aren’t familiar with a bucket list, they are basically a list of things you must do before you ‘kick the bucket’ originally. Now, they are more or less similar, but often they are just lists of concrete goals, challenges and ideas you are hoping to achieve or do. Have you ever thought about creating a fitness bucket list? I made one last year and I have been slowly checking off things on mine. Here are some amazing reasons you need to create a fitness bucket list and how to create one for yourself. I have also included some of my ideas for fitness bucket lists to help you create exciting fitness goals for yourself.


Why You Need a Fitness Bucket List and How to Create One


While I am a lover of lists and it helps you stay organized, there are other reasons to create a fitness bucket list that are beneficial, too. Here are some reasons why you need a fitness bucket list:


It can help you plan long term goals- My fitness bucket list is ever-evolving. This means I use it to build on to create both short and long term fitness goals. Many of the items I crossed off already were to help prepare me for a larger goal.


It can assist in challenging yourself more- If you have an actual list, whether on your phone, or an actual piece of paper, you have a place to actually challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable. Rather than getting stuck in fitness ruts, you can keep things exciting.


It gives you the ‘steam’ to keep going- Have you ever hit a goal in your fitness journey? Remember that amazing feeling you got when you did? You can keep that feeling going with a fitness bucket list. This will give you more excitement over completing the challenges on your list and keep at it.


How to Create a Fitness Bucket List


Make sure it is somewhere concrete and tangible- It might be tempting to keep your bucket list in your head, however, making sure it is written down or somewhere tangible (such as saved on your phone) will make it easier to remember and add to. Additionally, you can involve others so they can help hold you accountable if you need that.


Build on your fitness goals with your bucket list- Make sure you think about how you will be achieving your fitness goals in your bucket list. Create a good mix of goals that are easy, moderate and hard to achieve so you have somewhere to keep working towards while also achieving smaller goals along the way.


Keep it somewhere you can see it regularly- Make sure you stay focused on your fitness bucket list by keeping it somewhere they you will be able to see it regularly. It’s far too easy to forget about your goals if it's not somewhere you will see all the time. I suggest keeping it in your phone, on your desk, in your gym bag or even on a sheet of paper on your fridge or bathroom mirror.


Some Ideas for a Fitness Bucket List


While your goals might differ from mine, here are some ideas to think about when creating your fitness bucket list:


-Run or jog a solid mile

-Complete a 5k or 10k

-Learn to Surf

-Learn to play tennis

-Do 20 squats a day for 20 days

-Deadlift 100 pounds, 150 pounds etc.

-Go on a several day backcountry hike

-Master planks

-Complete a 30 day yoga challenge

-Be able to do a certain yoga pose

-Run a marathon or half-marathon

-Compete in a triathlon

-Hike the Grand Canyon

-Walk 10 miles

-Complete training in something fitness or health related

-Do the splits

-Complete a charity race

-Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 30 days

-Exercise 5 days a week for a period of time

-Go Deep Sea diving

-Join a running or other fitness club


I wish you luck on completing your fitness bucket list!


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