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The Importance of Stretching After Exercise

The Importance of Stretching After Exercise


It used to be that stretching before exercise was something that most people knew about, although some skipped. There is some thought that stretching with exercise is not necessary, however, in my opinion and in my experience, I can definitely tell the difference when I don’t stretch, however, I really feel it when I don’t after I exercise.


The purpose of stretching after is to help your body recover from working out It can be part of your cool-down routine, even. Here are some reasons I think it is important to stretch after exercise.


It doesn’t take long and can help your body recover. Often, when we do heavy workout we stress our muscles to the max or stress our bodies out. Stretching after allows you to help them remain flexible as well as help you incorporate a cool-down routine which is important for your body’s recovery.


Stretching after exercise can help prevent muscle cramping and tightness. Because stretching can increase blood circulation, it can lead to more oxygen getting to your muscles for better recovery of them.


It can lead to an increase in flexibility better than pre-workout stretching. With a routine of stretching after you work out, you will help your muscles and joints out by helping them maintain and increase flexibility. It works better post-workout because your muscles are already stressed and by allowing them to relax and stretch, you are allowing them to increase stamina.


Can Keep Pain at bay. This is especially important when starting a new workout or when increasing reps or distance. Post-workout stretching can help your muscles and body repair themselves better than just stopping the workout.


It forces you to do a cool-down. As I mentioned earlier, many people skip cool-down for various reasons, but cool-down is so important for your body. Not only does it lower your heart rate back to a resting rate, but it also can help your body get rid of lactic acid in your muscles faster as well as lower your body temperature slowly, rather than all at once.


Post-workout stretching helps your body get back to a neutral stance. You know that feeling like you are all stretched out after a workout? As is your body is taller, or even like jelly? It’s because it is over worked from a normal state. Stretching can help your body find its natural position again quicker.


It can help you gain focus again. I get a natural ‘high’ feeling from working out as most people do. This makes me very happy, but sometimes a little less alert die to fatigue. Stretching helps me get my mind focused back on a more natural mind set.


Tips for stretching Post-Workout


You don’t need to stretch every muscle. Try to just focus on your muscles that you just used or the ones that cause you the greatest soreness.


Do it slowly. Rushing through stretching will not benefit you. I know it’s hard when you are just tired and want to get going onto something else, but taking the time to stretch is very important.


Sip water while you do it. This will help you regain some fluids after a heavy workout and you won’t be tempted to chug some on your way home which can lead to stomach upset and is not any more useful.


Don't know what stretches to do? See Candace's post  3 Post Workout Stretches That Feel Great



Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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