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Tips for Avoiding Post-Workout Skin Issues

When I first started working out, I noticed that I had a lot of breakouts on all parts of my body and that chafing was a serious issue for me. Being that I was usually blessed with good skin, I knew that it was generally because I was sweating more. This led me to go out and buy all kinds of products to try to help my skin recover from the new workout routine. However, prevention is easier than trying to problem solve once something happens. I devised ways that I could avoid breakouts and other skin issues such as chafing. So here are my tips for avoiding post-workout skin issues.


Take your Active wear off as soon as you get home- Sitting around in sweaty workout clothes does not help your skin breathe or recover from the sweat. It also traps in bacteria. Additionally, many pieces of workout equipment in the gym have bacteria on them because people don't properly wipe them down. If you sit around in your post workout gear you are opening yourself up to having this bacteria on your own skin clogging your pores and leading to breakouts. If you won't be heading home or taking a shower right away after working out, make sure you pack a post workout outfit.


Use products designed to help avoid chafing- I quickly found out how painful chafing can be after a workout. I wasn't sure how to prevent it but I knew prevention was the best way to avoid it. Then, I discovered my favorite product Gold Bond friction defense. it comes in a stick like deodorant and you just swipe it on the parts of your body that have a lot of friction such as your inner thighs, underneath your bra and so on. There are other products out there designed to work similarly so find one that works for you.


Take a shower as soon as possible after working out- Not only will showering cool you down after a good workout, but it will also remove bacteria and sweat from your skin that could be clogging your pores and leading to breakouts. Make sure that you're also exfoliating in the shower to help remove dead skin and help clean those pores out well. Additionally, you should make sure to moisturize as dry skin can also lead to breakouts.


Wash your headbands regularly- I wear a headband almost every time I work out. This means I have quite a collection going on. But it also means that I also need to make sure to wash them every time I wear one to work out. I was finding that I was getting acne along my hairline because I was wearing a headband more than one time and just letting it air-dry because I was so busy. Try to find headbands with wicking material and wash them with your workout gear. Not only will wicking headbands do their job better by pulling the sweat away from your face, but they also tend to absorb more as well.


Make sure your active wear fits properly- A lot of articles suggests wearing loose-fitting clothing when you workout to avoid post workout acne. I find that better form-fitting activewear helps with avoiding chafing especially in the inner thigh area. Overall, I suggest finding good workout gear made from wicking materials to avoid post-workout chafing and acne. Rainbeau Curves has some great wicking material pieces.


Don't wear makeup to the gym- Make sure that you avoid wearing makeup to the gym. Always wash your face before working out. Wearing makeup will lead to skin breakouts because it doesn't allow your skin to breathe and it can cause more oil to accumulate on the skin.  Make sure to also wash your face after your workout, too. You may feel self-conscious not having with makeup on, but your skin will thank you for it. Besides, you look fierce in your new workout clothes anyway, right?


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