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Tips for Being the Perfect Workout Buddy

Tips for Being the Perfect Workout Buddy

It seems simple enough that you start working out, you pick a friend that wants to join you and that’s how easy it is to find a good workout buddy. The truth is, not everyone can be a good workout buddy and it’s not due to character flaws, but often due to time, goals and motivation not syncing up with your partner. If you are hoping to be a great workout buddy and get the most out of your workouts and partnership, here are some tips for being a good workout buddy to help you and your friend achieve all of your goals and gains!


Be on time- Make it a point to always be on time when you agree to meet somewhere or do something with your partner. This not only is good for being on the same schedule, but it shows your workout buddy that you are dedicated and value their time.


Make sure you discuss your fitness goals- Sitting down and discussing your fitness goals is a great way to come up with a game plan as far as what you will do together to achieve them. This helps you be on the same page.


Be encouraging, but not nagging- No one wants a fitness partner that is like a drill sargent, at least not all the time. We all have bad days and days where we are just not motivated. Pay attention to your partner and offer extra encouragement if they seem to need it and don’t be afraid to ask for it when you do. Be the positive light in your workout partner’s life.


Communicate your needs- Do you want your partner to be harder on you so you don’t give up or do you prefer a gentler approach to encourage you to push through? Make sure you communicate your needs to your partner in a time that is not in the middle of a hard workout where you are likely to come off as angry and make them defensive. Ask your workout buddy what they need from you. The answers might surprise you.


Be honest- Did you not stick with some goals while you weren’t with your buddy during the week? Be honest! The only way you can help each other is to make sure your partner knows what is going on so you can both come up with a solution. For instance, are you struggling to eat more protein on the go? Let your partner know so you can brainstorm solutions.


Be flexible- When I say be flexible, I am not talking about physical flexibility. I am talking about your ability to be flexible and meet your partner’s needs. Be open to it if they decide they don’t want to continue doing a certain fitness goal and be willing to adapt to meet the needs of your partner.


Things to Look for in a Good Workout Partner


Your partner should have certain qualities that will make your fitness time the most useful and your partnership the most successful. Keep in mind that while it working out with a best friend sounds like a good idea, it might not be an ideal match. Find a workout buddy with the following qualities:


They are good at communication. Any partnership whether it be for fitness or business must have good communication.


They have a similar fitness level as you. It is good to pick someone that won't either hold you back or won’t make you feel like you are holding them back.


They are punctual- Your versions of ‘on time’ should match up well so you don’t waste time waiting on each other.


No matter what, having a workout buddy can really push you to the next level of your game.


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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