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Tips for Exercising Outdoors in the Winter

Tips for Exercising Outdoors in the Winter

If you are like me, gyms can get quite boring when that’s all you do in the colder months. I am an adventurous soul, so spending too much time indoors makes me a little crazy. This is one of the reasons I like to get outside in the winter and change up my fitness routine. Winter fitness requires some extra attention where I live since I am in the north and we tend to see some of the white stuff most of the winter. If you want to get outdoors and do some fitness fun, here are some tips for exercising outdoors in the winter to help you make the transition.

Wear many layers- Layers are the key to staying dry and comfortable in the winter when exercising outdoors. You may start off cold, but as your body warms up, you will feel too hot and leaving too many layers on can actually cause you to overheat even in the winter. I like to wear stuff that can easily be tied around my waist should I want to take them off. Rainbeau Curves Jackets make the perfect stylish layers

Do warm-up inside before you head out- If the temperatures are especially cold out, doing a warm-up inside is a good way to get your core body temperature up before you head outside. Not only will you feel warmer, your body won’t be as stiff as you start to move about in the colder air. If you don’t have tie for awam-up inside, make sure you at least stretch a soon as you get outdoors.

Wear warm socks and be prepared to take an extra pair along- I wear warm socks when I go outside in the winter to get some exercise not only to ward off cold toes, but to add extra cushion. You can almost be sure your socks will get wet either from weather-related incidents or from sweat and wet socks lead to bad news in cold weather. Bring an extra pair you can change into if you need them or if you won’t be going home right away.

Stay hydrated- It’s easy to think you won’t get that dehydrated since it isn’t hot out, but dehydration can happen easily in cold weather, too, especially if the air is dry. Make sure to drink plenty of water before you head out and bring along some water as well.

Go during the warmest part of the day and never at night- You might be used to getting your morning jog in as soon as you wake up or after work, but visibility for both yourself and drivers is lower in the weather conditions winter presents. Instead, try to go out during the armer parts of the day and wear bright clothing so drivers can see you.

Stay in areas that you know well- If I will be running, I try to stay on paths I know well. I do this for a couple of reasons. I want to make sure I don’t get lost because winter weather can change very quickly and so that I don’t trip over hidden potholes or cracks in the sidewalk under snow.

Cover your ears and head- You have probably heard that most of your heat escapes from your head and when working out, you are losing a lot of heat. Frostbite is also a concern, especially on the tips of your ears. Make sure to pick up something to cover your ears like the Norah Reversible Headband to wear under your hat to keep you warm and toasty.








Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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