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Winter Running Tips

Winter Running Tips

I knew from the moment I ran my first 5K, that running was something I really would enjoy. The problem is, running in the winter can present a few challenges. If you don’t want to stop running just because of the change in seasons, here are some winter running tips to keep you going through spring.


  1. Wear lots of layers- Layers are important in the winter because changing weather conditions can quickly happen and while it may seem logical to bundle up  and stay that way, keep in mind that running makes your body warm so having layers you can easily remove and  tie around your waist is very important. Wear wicking material so that you stay dry to keep the chill off. Make sure to also wear gloves and a hat or headband.
  2. Stay hydrated and slow down- winter running is a bit different than summer running in the sense that winter running will require you to slow down. The cold air will make it harder for you to keep your breath so rather than trying to go as fast as you did in warmer weather, try to just keep your stamina up. Staying hydrated is very important as well so make sure you drink plenty before, after and during your workout as cold weather forces your body to work harder to keep you warmer.
  3. Wear the right kind of shoes and socks- Because snow and rain can make for wet feet pretty easily, make sure you are wearing shoes made for winter running that have less mesh (because although it helps your feet breathe, it also creates holes where moisture can get in) as well as socks that keep moisture out. Consider taking along a dry pair of socks with you.
  4. Run during the day or dress so you can be seen at night- Winter means shorter days and lower visability. If possible, run during the daylight hours. If you can’t make sure to wear bright colors and reflective gear so cars can see you and always stay on sidewalks. Rainbeau curves offers reflective details on their pieces as well.
  5. Warm up before you head out- Do your warm up routine before you head out for your run. Not only will your body be physically warm for the cold air outside, but your body will be able to adjust to the cold temperature much easier as well.
  6. Run on trails that have been cleared first- In the winter, it might be hard for you to find places where the sidewalks and trails are cleared well. I have found that one of the best places to look for cleared sidewalks is on university campuses. They usually clear them up very quickly and since there is lots of foot traffic on them as is, you can find areas that there are virtually no cars so you are safer as well.  


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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