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Rainbeau Curves Fit & Sizing FAQ


"Hi. I wear a 40G or 40H bra. I'm looking for a sports bra that will offer full support to use at my Zumba classes. Which would you recommend, and what size should I choose? I want something that will truly hold me up and not just a boob pocket. Thanks."

Jamie: "Our Grace bra is recommended for medium-impact activities. It features reinforced side panels and straps for increased stability, and contoured double-layered cotton-spandex cup panels for a comfortable fit. It's definitely NOT a 'boob pocket'…I wear one myself and it's truly comfortable without being too restrictive.

For higher impact activities, many of our customers say pair this bra with one of our tanks with built-in bra.

Based on your regular bra size, I would recommend our size 18/20 (2X)."

44" BUST, 45" WAIST, 47" HIPS

"I need help.. I have never ordered any clothing on line because I don't know how to order. Bust  44, Waist 45, Hips 47. I play softball ball and need long pants and tops I do not like tight. Help!!!  :)  I need some new clothes that fit."

Jamie: "Based on your measurements (and on your comment that you don’t like things tight) I would recommend a 22/24 for our bottoms. The waist should fit perfect, and you will have a little extra ease in the hips.

For tops it depends on which style you are buying:

For example, our Emily and Sandy tanks are fitted in the waist, so you will want size 22/24.

If you choose our looser fitting Amber tank, or one of our tees or pullovers, you should be fine in size 18/20."


What is the likelihood of them shrinking when washed? The 14 in the black Audrey leggings is just the right size right now, but if they're going to tighten up at all, I may want to swap them out for the larger size."

Jamie: " Regarding the Audrey leggings: our testing results show that you should see very minimal shrinkage for this legging, if at all.

With that…and given our high spandex content… I'm confident that your leggings should continue to provide you with the great fit you have now.

If you were to decide to go up a size, note that the fit would be about 4" bigger all around your waist & hips (and also looser in the leg).

On a personal note, I'm a Rainbeau Curves customer as well…I've washed and worn my leggings numerous times and they still fit great!"


"My actual measurements in inches put me as a size 1x, but most of my clothes are 18/20, which would be a 2x. Should I order according to my measurements, or my clothing size?"

Jamie: "Sizing varies somewhat from retailer to retailer. Also, most of our fabrics have a high spandex content and are super stretchy so we can fit a wider range of body measurements. It also depends on whether you like things to be more fitted or looser.

In general I'd say to follow your measurements (hip for bottoms, bust/chest for tops) which sounds like you would be our 14/16 (1X), but if you like to have a little extra room go up to the 18/20.

 If you're still not sure and you don’t mind sharing your measurements with me and also what type of styles you are considering ordering, I will be happy to give you a more specific recommendation!"


"I am interested in ordering the Jaclynn leggings, and my measurement for hips is in the 2x range, but for waist, I'm 1.5 inches lower (38.5) than the 2x. Do you think I should fit my waist or my hips? And if I go with one and it doesn't fit, I can exchange, right?"

Jamie: "The top edge of the waist in the 2X legging measures 36" (designed to stretch up to 44") so the waist will fit you fine.

If your hips were on the low end of the 2X range, I would recommend the 1X (14/16) but otherwise go with the 2X.

Of course if the fit doesn’t work out, you can exchange.

 Hope you like your leggings, I have several pairs and think they are fantastic!"



"Hello, I was hoping you could help with sizing for the Lucy Bra. My current bra size is 34J and I am unsure which size would be the one for me. I also am in a size 12 jean."

Jamie: "Based on the size information (34J) I believe you have a 32"-34" band size and roughly a 44" bust. Based on your band size I would recommend the 14/16 as the band on our larger sizes will be too loose and won't fit securely around your ribcage.

The superior stretch properties of our 12% spandex fabric should accommodate your cup size although there will be more flattening than what you see on our models.

If it doesn’t work out let us know if you want to return or exchange.

Either way, let me know how it fits…were very interested in feedback from our customers with larger cup sizes, and can use this feedback to improve our fit in the future!"



"Hi! I was wanting to order the Curve Basix Compression Capri...I've never ordered any of your products before so I was curious about sizing. I'm a size 24, but I'm also 7 mo pregnant...would u suggest sizing up to a 26/28 or should I stick with 22/24? Thank u!"

Jamie: " If you're going to wear them now (or soon after your baby arrives), you're probably going to be more comfortable with the larger size 26/28 as these have a more compressive snug fit and your regular size will likely be too tight and confining in the waist."


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