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'Think About It' by Margie Plus





Are you wondering who that awesome song is by that you heard in our latest lookbook video featuring our Spring 2017 Collection? Well wonder no further because it's by Margie, also known as Margie Plus - stylist, fashion blogger AND fashion editor at Yahoo! based out of New York City. With a growing following of 22.5K+ followers on Instagram she's inspiring plus-sized women to be unapologetically fashionable. She says "I strongly believe when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Confidence is key, ladies" (via Refinery 29, Blogger Margie Plus Proves Curvy Women Can (& Should) Wear Whatever They Want). Margie's style and sound embodies confidence and body positivity. We can all learn a lil' something from Margie. below is a Q&A where we ask Margie about about style, music and life.

There are many plus-sized women out there who are changing the game in all industries. In the past we've collaborated with influential plus-sized women in yoga, dance, models, bloggers, etc. - but never with an artist! Let's be honest, it's rare to find plus-sized women in music, and because of that, we wanted to introduce her and her music to you all! 

SPRING INTO ACTION! Go download her song 'Think About It' and add it to your workout playlist!







Check out Margie's style blog, Margie Plus, for her latest style post featuring Rainbeau Curves





You have INCREDIBLE style. It's bold, fun, colorful, chic with a touch of kick a$$. What/Who inspires you when you put outfits together? 

My biggest style inspiration is NYC. Living in New York I am constantly surrounded by things that inspire me. The city is full of so much history and diverse style that just walking down the street you feel empowered to be creative with your look. I also love to check Street Peeper on a daily bases to see inspiring street style from around the world and constantly try to incorporate new styles.


Are there any tips you want to share with other plus-size women who might be struggling with expressing their personality through fashion?

The first tip I have for any woman out there is to cultivate a positive relationship with your body and realize you are perfect just the way you are. When you start to love yourself and admire the differences that make us so unique and beautiful, expressing yourself through fashion becomes less scary. Don't be afraid to play with your look and dress outside the box. Sometimes you have to find the styles you like by taking the leap to try out this things that didn't work.

How long have you been making music? How did you get started? What was the most difficult part about the whole process?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My mom prides herself on telling stories of a 5 year old me performing countless hours of Madonna and Janet Jackson for guests. It wasn't until I met my fiance Harald, who is a music producer, 3 years ago that I begin writing and recording my own music. Since we began recording I secured two fabulous dancers and have been playing shows around NYC and had the opportunity to perform last year at the Amber Rose Slut Walk in LA. I think the hardest part about the whole process is working as an independent artists and having to be my own advocate. I am excited to show the music community that plus size women can be pop stars as well!


How do you describe your music? Who are your 3 inspirations?

I describe my music as Hip-Pop. My song 'Think About It' is a straight forward fun pop song and is the second single off my new EP that is coming out in a few months. My number one inspiration in life is Beth Ditto since she paved the way for plus size women in the fashion and music space. I then am of course inspired by the icon Madonna and my girl Rihanna who are always reinventing their music and style and setting the trends.

How do you balance being a fashion editor at Yahoo, managing your own fashion blog, and making music? Are there any tips you can share with us on how you stay organized and focused?

I feel so lucky being able to contribute to Yahoo Style while also getting to pursue my blog and music. Besides having access to the internet at all times, my number one tip to manage it all is to write everything down. I constantly have a notepad with me at all times to jot down ideas or my schedule so that I can keep up with it all.


From your style and music, it's obvious that you are a confident self-loving woman. Is there anything you do for yourself to that keeps you positive and empowered?

For a long time I was caught up with all of the plus size 'fashion rues' instilled upon as a kid. Growing up, women's bodies were not often celebrated in the media so it was always hard to identify where I fit in but easy to feel less then. It wasn't until I began to give myself permission to wear a miniskirt even though I have cellulite or wear a crop top even though I have stretch marks that I began to feel free. I would look in the mirror every morning and say out loud 10 things I loved about myself. As time went on I found it easier and easier to find those 10 loved things and started to change my negative mindset about my body. 

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