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Ways to Use Yoga Blocks

If you have been following this blog for a bit, you probably know that I love yoga. There are so many ways I apply it to my life for everything from stress relief to helping to overcome illness on a sick day. I really do 100% believe that yoga is for everyone. One of the reasons I know this is, there are so many ways to modify yoga to work for you no matter your skill level. One of these ways is through the use of tools. Have you ever seen yoga blocks? They are a perfect tool for any beginner to have and even some advanced yogis use them for challenging themselves. Here are some great ways to use yoga blocks in your practice.



Use them for strength training during a pose- You can’t really see it in this picture because it kind of melts into the background and my awesome Rainbeau Curves capris, but I have a yoga block between my thighs. I added it there so I could squeeze it while I do various poses for added body-weight strength training. You can use a yoga block in a similar fashion.



Modify poses and add length- I know for me, there are still several yoga poses I can’t do on my own due to not being flexible enough. This means I need to use my yoga block so I can make the ‘ground’ come to me. For instance, if you can’t quite do downward dog because you lack flexibility in your legs, you may use a yoga block to add just a couple more inches to the ground like I am doing in this image. I use my yoga blocks to also do advanced poses (or at least attempt them!) such as camel pose.



Use them to practice balance- Yoga blocks come in handy for upping your practice because you can use them to balance on and challenge yourself with poses you are trying to master. My yoga block is a harder foam material, so it is rather hard to balance on. This makes a pose like tree pose even more challenging. The harder the material, the easier the balance will tend to be so you could buy several blocks made of different materials to use. More advanced yogis can also get two of them and do poses that require two hands on the ground, but instead balance on the two blocks.




Properly align or position your body with them- If you don’t know where to align your shoulders, for instance, a yoga block can come in handy for training yourself to find the alignment with a tool. You can also use them to place under your hips for better stretching of your pelvis and legs.


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