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Why You Hate Your Workouts & How to Change Your Mind

Why You Hate Your Workouts & How to Change Your Mind

When it comes to working out there are two kinds of people.


"Yasss I love working out!"

"Ugh, it's time to work out." *insert annoyed face emoji*


Some of us love it and the rest of us...well we just cope. But it's no secret that incorporating a consistent exercise regimen isn't just about weight loss. It makes you feel good. Grandma always said that “hate” was a strong word! So if you use it to describe your fondness (or lack thereof) for staying active, here are some possible reasons you feel that way.


You’re doing things you aren’t fond of. Exercise should be enjoyable. Get your sweat on by doing activities you actually like. Some fun things that also get that heart rate up: swimming, bike riding, rock climbing, yoga and Zumba/any kind of fast paced dance.


You’re wearing the wrong shoes. Do you wear the same shoe for every workout? That may be a no-no. For example: if you’re doing Pilates a mesh shoe with a flexible sole could work well. If you’re jogging, however, you’ll need a more solid shoe with a well cushioned sole. Choosing the proper shoe helps to cut down on chances of extra strain and injury on your body.


You’re following trends. Don’t even do it girl! This goes for workouts and diets. If lifting weights and protein powders aren’t your thing it’s ok! When you figure out what works for you, stick to that. No need to hop on every fad that comes out. The key to remaining healthy is consistency.


Your gear is, well, ugly. I’m not sure where this whole idea of working out in old t-shirts and unflattering pants came from. Every girl should look good no matter what she’s doing if that’s what she wants. On your laziest days, throw on something that makes you feel invincible and get it done girl!


You’re focused on how you look. The better measure of your efforts is how you feel. It can be discouraging to eat well and exercise consistently and not see a thing change on the scale. Consider other progress like increased endurance or improved digestion.


We all have those days when we feel “off.” Address the things that zap your enthusiasm to keep yourself motivated.


Written by Candace McGee from The Quirk Life

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