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6 Things to Say to a Girl Struggling with Body Positivity

6 Things to Say to a Girl Struggling with Body Positivity

It’s a great feeling when you overcome the pressure of what “society” says your body should look like.

But the young girl who just got to middle school hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Anyone remember those days? *raises hand*. Here are 6 things to say to anyone struggling with body positivity.


1. “You’re beautiful”: A simple compliment with a huge impact. Beauty is more than skin deep and when you say this she’ll feel like her complete package matters, not just what’s on the outside.


2. “There’s nothing wrong with your body”: As she runs down the list of every physical flaw this reminds her that she really isn’t flawed at all.


3. “You’re one in a million”: Let her know that she’s unique and no one can ever replace her or the value that she brings to the world.


4. “That looks good on you!”: Just because. But be sincere.


5. “Did you do something different to your hair/makeup? Nice!”: If someone is struggling with body positivity it might take a lot of courage for them to try new things. When you notice, let them know so they’re encouraged to own their bodies and appearance.


6. “You have perfect skin/nails/eyes, etc.”: Point out the little things. They’re often overlooked in the big picture of beauty.


At the end of my workout today I thought of the pre-teen Candaceand all the other young girls like her. This photo is for them for US. May we all truly understand how beautiful and strong we really are and never forget it!



Written by Candace McGee from The Quirk Life

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