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If you’ve never considered yourself a “runner,” it may be intimidating to add that to your fitness regimen. I remember when I first started jogging – I was so critical of myself. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I thought I looked silly and envied people who could go a whole mile nonstop. There was really no need for any of those thoughts. Jogging or running is just one more thing to add on your fitness journey. It’s not about looking good or what other people can do in comparison.

If you want to start jogging or running then these tips are just for you!

Keep your head up: literally! As a beginner you might look down at the ground while running, likely from a lack of confidence. Bad posture is a basic health hazard and besides that you could run into a tree or something. Chin up!

Get good gear: well fitted pants and a durable pair of shoes are two of your staples. Your pants should stay in place when you’re running and not slide down to get caught underneath your stomach. Gosh, am I the only one who hates that? Consider drawstring pants or those with a poly/spandex blend. A good shoe is your greatest ally. They won’t be cheap but they’ll be worth every penny. Looking for a good deal? Try an outlet store.

Keep it light: when running you should carry as little extra weight as possible. For example, I wear lightweight leggings instead of loose fitting pants. I also put my workout playlist on my phone so I don’t have to carry a separate MP3 player. Another thing I do is leave my water bottle in a safe place and drink at the end of my run. Whatever you can leave behind while running, leave it.

Don’t worry about who’s looking: as far as I’m concerned you’re as graceful as a cheetah gliding through the air on a sunny day.

Get a free app: or a preferred method of measuring your distance and time. This will keep track of your pace per mile, how far you’ve gone, how many calories you burned and many other things depending on which app you choose. I’m a big music junkie so sometimes I use that as a measurement for how long I’ve run nonstop. Whatever helps you find your sweet spot, use it!

Don’t stop when you’re tired: walk it out. You want to keep moving and keep that heart rate up. Another option is to pace back and forth until you’ve gotten your wind back. The goal here is to not let your body enter a rest phase if the workout isn’t complete.

Don’t overdo it: theres a fine line between pushing yourself (like in the tip above) and overexerting. You may not be able to run for long and thats ok. If you really feel like you need to stop STOP. Always pay attention to what your body is saying.

Run consistently and track your progress as you go. Your stats will get better and most of all you’ll feel better. You may be a beginner for now but not for long...


Written by Candace McGee from The Quirk Life

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