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Simple Ways to Use Resistance Bands

Simple Ways to Use Resistance Bands

I recently bought a set of strength bands and wanted to see if they could help me do more in my time away from the gym. I enjoy lifting at the gym, but honestly, when the day is so nice out, who wants to go to the gym and do that when I can get outside and enjoy some nature? I mean, with the weather turning cooler, these sunny days are pretty much numbered where I am at!

Strength bands are a simple way to add some intensity to your workouts on the go and at home without having to lug around or store bulky equipment. A strength band (often referred to as a resistance band as well) is essentially a rubber like band single piece that can be stretched and offers varying degrees of resistance for the user. Most resistance band sets come with 3 or 4 different lengths of bands and these are what give you the different degrees of resistance which ultimately helps build strength. The shorter the band, the more resistance.

Resistance band sets are low cost. I got my set for less than $10. They are super portable and even fit in your pocket or purse easily. They are low impact and great for beginners as well as advanced lifters or just anyone that wants to add something new. Here are some of my favorite ways to use resistance bands.

Simple Ways to Use Resistance Bands

Tricep Lift:

Start by holding the band in one hand and gently (not super tight, but tight enough to grip) wrapping it around your wrist. Hold the other end in your your other hand. Place your arms behind your back with one right below your shoulder bone and the other able to reach straight up. Hold the one behind your back straight and steady and lift up with the other. You can make this harder by wrapping the band more. Do 10 lifts and switch hands.

Lateral Bicep Raise:

Place the middle of your band (I used the medium resistance one for this) under one foot. Grip both sides with your hands and standing tall and straight, use your arms to lift up straight on both sides. Switch legs and do 10 lifts on each leg per rep. For a variation, you can lift straight out rather than straight up.

Squat Lift:

Place the middle of your band (I used the lowest resistance one for this) under both feet and hold on with both hands to each side. Do a squat and when you come up, lift both arms straight up or slightly to the side; whichever is more comfortable. If there is not enough resistance, wrap the band around one or two times on your hands.

Resistance Squat:

Take your highest resistance band and tie it to form a loop that allows for resistance when you place it between your ankles. Do a regular squat with this to add some resistance.

Resistance bands can be used in so many ways. I like to use them to just add a bit of difficulty to many of my regular exercise moves such as sit-ups and push-ups as well. The great thing about them is they are so versatile!


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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