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What You Need to Know Before Your First Zumba Class

Does your gym offer some fun classes you would like to try out but you are intimidated and not sure what to expect? Zumba is one class that always intrigued me because I love dancing and working out and I really wanted to go for it, but wasn’t sure what it was and I held off for a while before I joined in. Let me say, it is a lot of fun! If you want to give Zumba a try, check out these tips on what you need to know before your first Zumba class.


Zumba is extremely high energy- I knew from watching on the sidelines a couple of times that Zumba was super high energy, but it’s even more so when you are doing it. There are a couple of very short breaks during class, but it is mostly constant movement for the entire time you are in class. If you struggle with later day fatigue, consider doing a Zumba class in the morning instead.


It’s OK to stand near the back if you are new- The back is where you will find many of the newer class members. Many people think standing in front is better because the instructor is there, but many classes I have gone to have the more advanced students in the front and this can be to newer members’ advantage because you can stand behind someone and mirror them and not worry anyone is watching your moves to closely.


Wear proper attire- While you can show up in anything comfortable, it should be noted that Zumba isn’t like many other fitness classes. You will be doing a lot of side to side movements rather than forward or staying in one place. This requires that you wear shoes that are best for this. Try not to wear running shoes, but rather cross-trainers for the most comfort. Also, wearing moisture wicking materials will help with all the sweating you will do!


Don’t worry if you miss a move- No one in the class will probably be perfect unless they have been attending for a long time. That's also what is great about Zumba is that it has a wide variety of levels of people in each class. There are always new people and the moves will seem intimidating at first, but within a few classes, you will have them down.


It’s noisy and there’s lots going on- If you are more of a yoga or solo trainer, Zumba may not be for you. If you like to have a lot of fun and don’t mind lots of happy cheering, Zumba is right up your alley. Most classes have lots of high energy people in them, so be prepared to cheer along.


Bring a water bottle and a towel- Trust me, I didn’t bring one of either the first time I went and I wish I had. I did more sweating that I thought I would (after all, Zumba is a full body cardio workout) and a towel and water bottle would have really helped me be more comfortable.


Arrive early if you are new- You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, but arrive 5-10 minutes early if it’s your first class to give the instructor a head’s up so he or she can help you and provide extra encouragement as well as answer any questions you may have before class gets started.


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