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3 Post Workout Stretches That Feel Great

3 Post Workout Stretches That Feel Great

When taking a look at my health goals there were a lot of things laid out.

  • Grocery list

  • Designated work out days

  • Designated work out times

  • Outfits for each work out

  • Meal plan including vitamins/supplements

Something was still missing something important.

Stretching. I’ve had the tendency of tossing any ole’ stretch at the end of my workouts, holding it for twenty seconds and thinking that was good enough. You too? Stretching after your workouts come with benefits like increased flexibility, reduced risk of muscle injury and it just feels sooo good!

Here are 3 moves to incorporate into your next workout.

1. Lower back: Ever since my car accident three years ago Im vigilant about my back health and that includes stretching it well.



2. Inner thigh/quadriceps/calf: Thats right; this one move can stretch your entire lower body. Bring the foot as close to your chest as possible for better results. If you really want to feel it in your calf, arch your feet and point your toes forward.



3. Shoulders/upper body: My upper body and core arent as strong as my lower body. Because of that I can overexert them easily when using weights. Stretching always helps though. This move will loosen your shoulders but if you pull at the elbow just a little the effect spreads to your upper back.



After my stretching session, Mr. Sun decided to come out and play.



I know that were all juggling busy lives and once our workouts are done its easy to move on to the next task. Today Im encouraging you to add a few extra minutes into your routine and be intentional about stretching those muscles. Its so worth it!

Why is stretching important you ask? See Christine's post The Importance of Stretching After Exercise

Written by Candace McGee from The Quirk Life

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