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8 Ways to Sneak Protein into your diet


Everyone knows the importance of eating more protein when you are more active. It helps gain muscle as well as helping with recovery after a particularly kick butt workout as well. The problem is, it actually can be hard to get enough of it into your diet if you are trying to eat high protein. If you are looking for more ways to sneak protein into your diet, here are 8 ways to do just that.


Pile on the chia- Chia seeds can be bought in bulk for a low price and they pack as much as 4g of protein per serving. They can add crunch to salads and oatmeal and they can even be made into pudding.


Eat more Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt is one of my favorite ways to get more protein in  my diet because it’s an easy switch and since it has a somewhat tangy taste, it works great as a substitute for sour cream in recipes. It also contains far less sugar than regular flavored yogurt.


Drink your protein- Protein shakes are an easy way to get a serving of 20g or more of protein in one quick swoop. They come in a variety of flavors and can be used in recipes as well. You don’t have to stick with boring protein shakes, either! You can add stuff like bananas, fruit and more to give your shake more kick. If you want an extra dose of protein, add some peanut butter.


Add protein as a side dish- When it comes to protein on the dinner plate, most people make it the star and main course. You can add a protein side dish such as beans as well to get some extra protein per meal.


Try some Nooch- Have you ever had ‘nooch’? It’s a funny name for nutritional yeast. This isn’t the yeast you bake with, and is actually really tasty and available in powder and flake form. I buy mine in bulk and sprinkle it in soups, on popcorn, and in side dishes. It gives a nice nutty, somewhat cheesy flavor to things and has about 8g of protein per 1 tablespoon!


Top your salad with it- Add nuts, seeds and legumes to your salad for protein boosting. Not only will you kick up your intake, but you will add some great flavor dimensions and in the case of nuts and seeds, some awesome crunch as well.


Go nuts with nuts and seeds- As mentioned above, seeds and nuts go great on top of salads, but they also make handy snacks on the go. Since a serving is just a small handful in most cases, they are easy to grab while you head out the door. Take some in your bag with you and eat when hunger strikes.


Eat more cottage cheese and eggs- Cottage cheese is something many people aren’t a fan of, but it has an amazingly high amount of protein. One cup of it can have over 25g of it! So if you are one of those that’s not a fan, try dressing it up with fruit, pepper or even adding it to recipes and get the benefits of this high protein, low carb food. Eggs are very easy to make and they can be boiled and stored in the fridge for a quick snack.


Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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