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6 Ways to Workout Without Even Thinking About It

6 Ways to Workout Without Even Thinking About It

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard for me to fit in exercise and a formal workout routine into my busy schedule. While I love my gym time, I do sometimes get bored with just hitting up the treadmill or weight machines. And, some days, I am just not feeling a workout at all. Trying to balance gym time can be pretty tricky especially if you are like me and you have a family, too.


Then there’s the other side of it; some people just don’t like spending time at the gym yet they still want to stay active. Here are some ways that you can workout without even thinking about it and get out there and have some fun, too!


  1. Go for a trail walk- I love fall because it is super easy to go out and get some fresh air without worrying that the trails will be crowded or it will be too hot. My husband and I like to go find trails that are mostly flat, along rivers in our area to go walk for the afternoon. This gets us out of the house and we usually put in a mile or two with minimal effort.
  2. Play mobile games- I fully admit it; I have morphed into a Pokemon Go nerd. I gotta catch ‘em all with this game and have been knows to walk an entire 5K just to do it. Since the game has been out, I have discovered so many new areas and I have logged a lot of miles since I have to walk in order to hatch my eggs.
  3. Go Geocaching- I recently just started enjoying a hobby called geocaching where you find actual hidden treasure that other leave behind in local areas such as parks and other public venues. Geocaching can be done through apps and it basically is all about finding a specific geographical coordinate and then hunting for the treasure. It is so exciting when you find one as you sign the logbook and take/leave a small trinket for someone else to find. Even on days where I haven’t found the treasure, It was still quite an adventure.​
  4. Play mini-golf- We have a place here in town that has an indoor mini-golf course as well as an outdoor one. You may not think it, but mini-golf is a great way to get active especially if you are cooped up during the winter months and you have an indoor course like we do.
  5.  Turn on the tunes and clean house- For some people, cleaning is such a boring chore. For others, like me, I love to do some good deep cleaning to some tunes. I just turn on Pandora and get to it. This past weekend, I ended up spending 6 solid hours organizing a storage space and some closes in my apartment. Not only did I get a workout in, but I felt majorly accomplished at the end.
  6. Babysit or play with your kids- How long has it been since you played like a kid at the park? I love getting on the swings, going down the slide and playing some good old fashioned kid’s games like tag or flag football. If you don’t have any kids or you don’t have any you can ‘borrow’, try getting together with some adult friends and bring out the kid in all of you!



Written By Christine Tolhurst from Saved By Grace Blog

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